Ways to Save Money on Your Water Bill

Conserving water is important to all of us, not just because it’s good for the environment, but because it also saves us money on our water bills. At Drainworks Plumbing and Heating, we want to help you find ways to shrink your water bills, so we’ve put together a list of plumbing maintenance-related issues that may be wasting water in your home. Here are a few things for you to keep an eye on if you’re interested in saving water and reducing those bills:

sink repair philadelphiaLeaky Faucets

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, a single leaky faucet can waste as much as 90 gallons of water per day. Not only is this a huge waste of water, it can also cause your bills to skyrocket. If you notice your water bill went up since your last payment, you may want to check all the faucets in your house to see if they’re dripping or running when they’re not turned on. In most cases, fixing a leaky faucet is pretty simple but if you’re not confident in your abilities, be sure to call a plumber for help. Odds are the money you spend fixing your faucet will be more than offset by your savings on water bills throughout the year.

plumbing services philadelphiaLeaky Toilets

You may or may not enjoy running as a hobby but your toilet doesn’t mind running at all. In fact, if you’re toilet’s leaking, it can run all day long without breaking a sweat! All kidding aside, the most common culprit for a leaking toilet is a faulty flapper valve in the upper tank. Once again, this is a relatively cheap fix you can probably do yourself, and it will save you plenty of money in the future on your water bills. Of course, if you’ve got an older toilet in your house and you’re serious about saving water, you may want to think about replacing your old clunker with a newer, more efficient low-flow model.

Water Pressure Issues

Here’s one you may not have considered: water pressure. The higher your water pressure, the more water comes out for every second the faucet is running. This can add up to a significant amount of wasted water over the years. If you notice your water pressure increasing over time, a faulty water pressure reducing valve may be at fault. This is a fairly simple fix but it should be performed by a professional plumber. And if you live in an older house, you may not have a water pressure reducing valve at all, so installing one would be a smart move.

A well-maintained plumbing system is crucial to preventing leaks and saving money on water bills. If you’ve noticed any of the issues listed above, it’s time to call a plumber right away, before your small leak becomes an even bigger problem. Drainworks Plumbing and Heating has been a trusted member of the Philadelphia community since 1988, so you know you can trust us to fix your plumbing issues. Give us a call at (215) 333-8780 to schedule your free estimate today; we even work evenings, weekends, and holidays, so give us a call any time!